in the year of 1998, saint once again relocated, this time to the San Diego area to begin work on his graduate degree and further his musical career. saint continued to touring the west coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle), playing local events (Juju Beats, Natural Flavors events) and desert parties. saint established two residencies, one at the well known dragon lounge and clockwork sessions @ the Aztec bowl. during saint's tour of duty in san diego, he began to explore djing downtempo and house. the clockwork sessions provided an opportunity to develop a diverse style of djing to include downtempo, hip-hop, house and drum 'n bass. rather than focusing on a style of music, the emphasis was placed on playing soulful and deep music. during this time period, saint teamed up with local San Diego dj Jason to produce drum 'n bass and 2-step tunes. one of the tunes, drum one, has become a classic in the SoCal area being caned by many djs in the San Diego and Los Angeles area.

the year of 2003, brings us to the present and also has provided saint with a new location, Boulder Colorado. saint is now working in the lab to produce house and drum 'n bass tunes and two new mix cds (one house and one drum 'n bass). keep an eye on saint's dj schedule for upcoming appearances!



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