dj saint (a.k.a. chuck hasek) began his musical career in the mid '80's with the emergence of the new wave, industrial and new beat electronic scene. after being immersed into the sounds of nitzer ebb, cabaret voltaire, depeche mode and new order, chuck decided not to look back. after this discovery, he started his musical production in these new forms of electronic music. the next few years would prove to be the educational phase of his music career.

the year of 1993 proved to be a turning point for saint's musical direction. attending his first rave, he was exposed to whole new type of electronic music, jungle and breakbeats. After hearing this style of music, saint became focused on producing and djing this style of music. returning to college at Ohio University that year, saint began a radio show on campus displaying this new style of music. The next couple of years were spent developing his dj style and playing small parties and clubs in the college area.

the year of 1996 was the next step for saint, playing his first large party in the Pittsburgh with the likes of joeski, dj sine and joshua ryan. saint having just relocated to the Pittsburgh area to finish his college degree began to spread the gospel. saint maintained a number of club residencies during his time in the pittsburgh area, including the legendary Steel City Jungle, Progression @ Zythos and others. the next few years saw saint traveling to Barcelona Spain, Valencia Spain, San Francisco, Baltimore, Seattle, Washington DC and other cities to play his unique sound of deep funky, jazzy drum 'n bass.



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