RUNNIN' RED - Recorded in 2000 but was released to a limited amount of people. The mix CD was to be recorded with MC Buckshot providing the vocals, but due to some time constraints it never got completed. Watch out though you might see a version with the vocals appear! The drum 'n bass mix is excellent and the selection is phenomenal. One of my favorites!

SUMMER '01 - Another unreleased mix CD which was recorded in the Summer of 2001. The drum 'n bass mix has smooth vibe from beginning to end. Great CD to load into your car on a summer, open the sunroof and go for a ride!

WINTER SOULSTICE '03 - My latest CD and the first house CD that I have released. Recorded in 2003 shortly after moving to Boulder Colorado. The mix is diverse selection of deep house and getting a bit techy in places. Hope you enjoy this mix!

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